What is Glamping?

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Glamping or Glamorous camping is as the name states a camping experience with the exposure to the outdoors but with certain luxuries you would find in the likes of a hotel/house. What do you think of when you hear the word camping? Sleeping on a cold hard floor, being uncomfortable, having to trek into the cold outdoors for the loo and the lack of space. These are all things that can put off even the most adventurous of travellers and over all camping has the ability to be a miserable experience when these issues pop up. When it comes to glamping however you wont find any of these disadvantages. You are provided with such luxuries as comfortable beds to sleep in, walk in showers and even wi-fi all of which are in one very spacious tent. None of these things would you find in your standard camping experience.

There is the joy of not having to plan ahead especially when you are considering what time of year is best for your holiday. With Glamping you are never at a disadvantage when it comes down to the season you choose. There’s no need to worry about poor weather conditions when you have a stable and spacious tent to still do activities in. Another added bonus is that you are even doing your bit for the environment by going glamping and using up less materials then you would by going and staying in a hotel.

Over all if you are looking for an adventurous experience but in style then going Glamping is the perfect holiday for you. Glamping provides you with so much more freedom alongside being a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience especially for those who can’t go for the usual camping experience due to health problems such as back issues or for those with a disability.