Enjoy the Health Benefits of Hiking


Staying trim and exploring the great outdoors are two main reasons to go for a hike. Not only is this activity food for your health but also, it could help you broaden your social circle and find hidden gems in your area that are only accessible by foot! Northumberland is known as one of the best places for walking in the country and if you’re considering inviting friends or family on Northumberland holidays, learn the health benefits before you step out into the land of breathtaking views and coastal beauty.

Boosts Cardiovascular Endurance

The key to staying fit is going on hikes that you can handle because, after all, what’s the point of embarking on an outdoor adventure if you are unable to cover the entire route? A personal trainer may encourage you to engage in high-intensity workouts as a way of reaching your fitness goals, but with hiking you can exercise at your own pace.

Tones Your Muscles

A lot of the hiking routes in Northumberland have steep inclines, which is perfect if you want to put your body to the test. With brisk movements and a steady pace you can burn calories and get a full body workout. Remember to stretch before every hike, so that your hamstrings, glutes and quads are toned, but not strained.

Stimulates the Mind

Once you have completed a hike, lots of endorphins will be released into the brain. Once they react with the brain’s receptors, your mood will instantly be lifted. What’s more, energy levels will rise and thoughts of anger and depression will be replaced with happy thoughts.

Tracking the miles you cover is the best way to reap the rewards associated with hiking. It’s also worth browsing the web to share newly discovered routes with other keen hikers in your area.