Have a British Holiday in a Northumberland Log Cabin


Northumberland is probably one of the most forgotten places in the United Kingdom when it comes to planning your holiday. To be more accurate it probably one of the least known areas and yet more or less anyone who travels between London—or the south—and Edinburgh will have passed through it at some point. Sitting in the far north eastern corner of England, the country of Northumberland borders Country Durham, Cumbria, and Scotland.

The Romans are Coming

Originally formed as part of the growing Roman Empire, Northumberland was witness to much of the feuding between the Scots and the English, during many a war. As a result, there are more castles in Northumberland than in any other English county—although Kent could come a close second. Northumberland is also known as being the ‘cradle of Christianity’, where Lindisfarne Island was known as Holy island and where the religion flourished. Roman Catholicism was also said to have been the focal point of the county and was supported by the Jacobites after the Restoration in 1660.

Northumberland and History

There is much to learn about Northumberland, and the best way to enjoy the familiarity is to have a Northumberland holiday to experience every aspect of the county. The scenery is breathtaking, the coastline—all sixty-four miles of it—will offer rugged, craggy cliffs, sandy warm beaches and the fresh sea breeze of the North Sea. Visit some of the most historic cities and town in the northeast and stay in a luxurious log cabin. While they are all equipped with flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, kitchens and elegant accessories, we bet you will be out and about so often you will only come back to sleep after a long day enjoying the sites. Northumberland is fun, come and join us.