About us

At Parkhouse Lodges, being connected to the heart of the natural world is central to the holiday experience we offer all our guests.

We offer family friendly accommodation to suit all requirements and budgets, whether you are looking for a tent experience or a bit of luxury in one of our fully equipped wooden lodges. We pride ourselves in being fully accessible to families, pet owners and people with disabilities. A holiday with us at Parkhouse Lodges is one of the most refreshing, eco-friendly choices of vacation for your family. Situated in the historic heart of Northumberland with access to both local amenities and some of the best countryside in the county; a stay at Parkhouse Lodges offers a blend of adventure and relaxation to suit every taste.

Pet Lover Holidays

At Parkhouse Lodges we understand that your pets are as much a part of your family as are your children. It is unthinkable for us that you should have to leave your dog behind when you are off having fun! Our countryside location is perfect to dogs to play in, to explore and run about in a safe environment.  Get in touch today for a dog-friendly holiday your pet will never forget.

We also accommodate horse owners, and have a stable onsite where you can house your horse in comfort at a competitive rate.


Meet the Owner

  • Helen Hilton

    I wanted the lodges to be ‘accessible for all’ as for years I watched families go abroad on holiday and their elderly parent have to stay at home as no adequate facility could be accessed elsewhere, hence the majority of these people would go into ‘respite care’ at the nearest residential home, not always the right choice. By trying to make the lodges accessible, I hope to ensure that anyone can come regardless of their disability or condition.

Accessible to all

All of our Accommodation can be adapted for disabled access. If you have difficulty with mobility or any type of disability, you’ll be able to choose a fully accessible Log cabin or tent, equipped to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Why Parkhouse Lodges is perfect for your family